Let The Wind Blow

By Malgosia Bartosik, Philippa Nuttall Jones and Zam Zadeh

2019 will be remembered as the year something changed, when children went on strike to demand that adults take action to stop climate change.

Inspired by a conversation between two mums (a Polish wind advocate and a British journalist) and a talented young Iranian artist, this comic book tells the story of how renewable energies like wind will help lead the transformation to a cleaner, healthier world for everyone.


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Our dream is to make this book available for every kid on the planet. We are always looking for support in translating the book into as many languages as possible! If you would like to contribute by translating the text, send us an email.

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Photos & quotes from our readers!


Annabelle, 8, Belgium

Reading this book has helped me learn more about my daddy’s work and why he loves wind turbines so much!


Chloe, 10, Belgium

C’est chouette parce que tu connais mieux les éoliennes et que ça pollue pas. Je croyais que c’était juste un poteau blanc avec 3 bras qui pollue. Je pensais que ça polluait et qu’il y avait un moteur qui faisait tourner les bras…

Sonia and Julian

Julian, 5, Belgium

I didn’t know that some wind turbines can be taller than the Eiffel Tower! Can I get a toy wind turbine for my birthday?


Leon, 7, Poland

Wow! I don’t want the Earth to have a fever. If this does not stop, I will go on strike too.


Lina, 8, Germany

My whole family works with wind energy. I think wind is air-mazing.


Ola, 10, Poland

All children should know that climate change is not only an adults problem! Children can make a big change too.

Sonia and Julian

Sonia, 7, Belgium

If burning coal is so bad for us, why do we still do it? I want to cycle to school and save the planet!

Famous people who have received the book!

H.R.M. Felipe VI, King of Spain

H.R.M. Felipe VI, King of Spain

H.R.H. Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

H.R.H. Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

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